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Our main business is moulded gypsum products.  We manufacture a wide range of cornice, flat wall mouldings, air vent covers, ceiling roses, up and down lighter troughs, lamp bases and uplighter bowls and fireplace surrounds from plaster of Paris

We also have ranges of mouldings in timber and resin.

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Cornicing is designed as a practical way to hide the ugly join between ceiling and wall. Through the years it has been enhanced to the point where it is an integral part of decorating a room.

Made from fibrous plaster which is totally fire resistant and can be manufactured off site and transported easily for fitting it is the ideal material for residential and commercial applications.

Ornamental mouldings has a large and varied range of cornicing (over 110 different designs) from which to choose. Curved sections on most designs can be made to order.

Light Troughs

Uplight trough mouldings are used in bulkhead situations where diffused light is required. Usually a fluorescent light is used but neon and LED rope lights have been used to good effect.

The light is bounced off the ceiling. Varying intensities can be achieved by fitting the light trough at different heights from the ceiling or providing curved ‘reflector’ mouldings above the light.

Downlight bulkhead mouldings are a combination cornice/bulkhead that you can put downlighters into.

Ropelight mouldings are small uplight troughs which you can use under a cornice or freeze to highlight the mouldings.

Most of our light troughs are supplied in 2.6 metre lengths. Curved sections can be manufactured to order.

Wall Mouldings

These are flat mouldings which have a wide range of uses. They can be utilised for architraves for decorating around doors and windows, to define wall and ceiling panels, as dado rails, picture rails and mirror surrounds.

Ceiling Roses

Ceiling roses are used usually in the centre of the room to decorate the ceiling around the hanging chandelier. They can be used in conjunction with panels on the ceilings to outline colour changes and make a feature out of an otherwise baron area.

Ceiling roses have also been cut in half and used with other mouldings above doors as a feature or cut into quarters to decorate the corners of a ceiling panel.

Air Vent CoversCornice brochure

Ornamental mouldings carry a small range of air vent covers for covering those standard vents to make them more decorative.

Wall Sconces

Ornamental Mouldings carry a large range of sconces or wall brackets for decorative use. These can be used in arches, under counters, on fireplace surrounds or on their own as a feature.


We make a range of plaster of Paris oval mirror surrounds. Supplied with the mirror ready to paint to match your decor.

Window Sills

We make a range of window sill mouldings in Waterproof Polymer Plaster(WPP) for use under windows.  These are made to order with the returns preformed.

Other Mouldings…

Ornamental mouldings has a small range of uplighter bowls which cover a light fitting and reflect light upwards. The advantage of plaster uplighters is that they are fire resistant and can be decorated easily to compliment the decor.

We also have a small range of lamp bases which can be painted to suit your own decor.

We have a range of plaques for decorative use including some religious scripts.

Timber skirting and Architrave

Ornamental Mouldings supplies a range of exclusive designs of skirting and architraves manufactured from MDF, Meranti or Pine.

We also supply a range of plinth blocks and architectural interest blocks to provide graceful transitions from skirting to architraves, dado rails etc.

Columns and Pillasters

We also make non-structural, decorative Columns ,Pilasters and Column Rings for decorating existing columns.

Resin Furniture Decor

We also make a wide range of resin mouldings for decorating cupboard doors and furniture. These can be painted or stained to match existing finishes for that “French” feel.